Helping nature to help us – conference

The second European Ecosystem Services conference is taking place in September, this time in Antwerp. The conference is described as 'biggest European event in 2016 that links science, policy and practice on ecosystem services and natural capital'. The theme is: 'Helping nature to help us'. The team from the Dutch Atlas of Natural Capital (ANK) is going to be attending with an information stand and a 'world café'.

Healthy ecosystems are important for people's well-being and to protect nature. How can we use knowledge of ecosystems and natural capital in practice? That is the focus of this international conference. Participants from science, politics and practice will be sharing their knowledge and ideas during presentations, an information market, excursions and workshops.

Information market

The Atlas of Natural Capital provides digital maps and practical examples to show the various sorts of natural capital that the Netherlands possesses and how (and where) we can make sustainable use of these.  The Atlas of Natural Capital team will be demonstrating the site during the information market on a large TV screen and visitors to the stand will also have an immediate opportunity to explore the site for themselves.

World café

What do urban, rural, or business decision-makers need to take natural capital and nature based solutions into account? The Atlas of Natural Capital team is organising a 'world café' to put these issues literally on the table: café visitors will be able to note down their questions and suggestions on the paper tablecloths covering the large discussion tables. The team will use this information to continue improving the Atlas.

Practical matters

You can register for the conference up until the 2nd of September.
The conference is being organised by Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), OPERAs, OpenNESS, ECOPLANUniversity of Antwerp and several other parties.

More information is available on the conference website.