Eco-Health Browser

The Eco-Health Relation Browser is a handy tool from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The tool enables a convenient overview of the relationships between types of ecosystems, the corresponding ecosystem services and our health. The tool includes a detailed dataset.

Example: clean air

Different types of ecosystems have different natural characteristics. A forest provides, among other things, clean air. The tool shows this and also that clean air affects our health, for example the average weight of babies at birth, blood pressure, lung diseases, obesity and many other indicators. All the findings are backed up with research data. The tool also shows which other ecosystems produce cleaner air (urban ecosystems).

Spider's web of relationships

The relationships can be monitored in both directions. If, for example, you start out from the 'low birth weight' criterion, the tool shows which ecosystem services can make an improvement and in which environment the services can be found. It is a tool that offers a wealth of information!