Welcome to the Atlas of Natural Capital!


The Dutch Atlas of Natural Capital (ANK) provides information to support sustainable spatial decisions. This is the first English edition of the Atlas of Natural Capital newsletter. We introduce this newsletter to keep you fully informed of developments, news and events relating to natural capital and ecosystem services.

Our living environment offers all kinds of ecosystem services, such as pollination and pest control, cooling and heating, construction materials, clean air and recreation. We have this natural capital to thank for our prosperity and welfare. It is therefore sensible to handle natural capital with great care.

Atlas of Natural Capital: what does it contain?
The Atlas brings together the data, maps and other information about the Netherlands' natural capital to produce an overview which can be immediately used down to postcode level. In addition, the Atlas offers news and inspiring ideas from practice and, in future, will offer assessment tools for decision-making and planning purposes.

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For and by users
The Atlas of Natural Capital is intended for governments, businesses and private individuals. The information can be combined in various ways and helps to support sustainable spatial plans and decisions. It can be used in connection with such wide-ranging issues as finding a good location for a new business park, generating power, using water or raw materials in your production process or designing a garden which is adaptive to (climate-related) impacts.

For the further development of the Atlas of Natural Capital, the Atlas team collaborates intensively with research institutions, government entities and businesses in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. A special 'social office' is going to be set up soon, where users can share knowledge and experience with each other to help continue developing and improving the Atlas.