Atlas of Natural Capital Newsletter

1st Edition, September 2016

The Dutch Atlas of Natural Capital (ANK) is the unique national collection of digital maps about the Netherlands' natural riches. It also contains up-to-date information and inspiring ideas about how we can use our natural capital sustainably. Our dot on the horizon is the economic valuation of ecosystem services.

Welcome to the Atlas of Natural Capital!

The Dutch Atlas of Natural Capital provides information to support sustainable spatial decisions. This is the first English edition of the Atlas of Natural Capital newsletter. We introduce this newsletter to keep you fully informed of developments, news and events relating to natural capital and ecosystem services.

Ambitious EU Council conclusions on circular economy and natural capital

On the 20th of June the Environment Council, led by Dutch Minister for the Environment Ms Dijksma, adopted ambitious Council conclusions on the circular economy and natural capital. These conclusions give a mandate and guidance to the Commission as regards to carrying out the ‘Closing the loop' circular economy action plan.


Completion of INCA project phase 1

Last summer a European project was started with the goal being to develop an integrated accounting system for natural capital and ecosystem services. The first phase of 'Integrated system for Natural Capital and ecosystem services Accounting' (INCA) is scheduled to be completed after the summer of 2016.

MAES Soil pilot: the goals are clear

In June the finishing touch was applied in Ghent to a policy brief about the soil pilot in the Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services (MAES) project. The pilot was intended to produce a clear definition and mapping of soil-related ecosystem services and in policy instruments to improve the management of soil ecosystem services.


Green and blue in the city: MAES Urban pilot

The 'Evidence-based policymaking for sustainable cities' conference took place in Utrecht on the 31st of May and concluded with a ceremony during which the 'Values of green and blue in the city'
City Deal was signed.

Helping nature to help us – ESP conference

The second European Ecosystem Services conference is taking place in September, this time in Antwerp. The conference is described as 'biggest European event in 2016 that links science, policy and practice on ecosystem services and natural capital'. The theme is: 'Helping nature to help us'. The team from the Atlas of Natural Capital is going to attend with an information stand and a 'world café'.

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The Atlas of Natural Capital newsletter is published every three months under the responsibility of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment [Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu] (RIVM).

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